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Open Thursday to Monday 10am-5pm. 

A visit to Lovedale Smokehouse Gourmet Pantry and Cafe is a true food lover’s delight! Since commencing operation in 2007 with creating premium quality smoked bacon for our cafe, our Smokehouse produce range has grown larger than we could have ever imagined. We now operate Lovedale Smokehouse Gourmet Pantry and Cafe where you can taste and purchase our range of artisanal charcuterie items including:

Smoked salmon, smoked rainbow trout, salmon gravlax, salmon pastrami, smoked trout pate, hot smoked salmon with a variety of sauces and smoked mussels and octopus

Cured and Smoked Meat
Air dried beef, prosciutto, a large range of salami, pepperoni, cabanossi, csabai, beef jerky, smoked ham, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked turkey, smoked quail, smoked spatchcock

Smoked Cheese
Cheddar and gouda

Smoked Sausages
Chorizo, chicken, honey & macadamia and kransky

Smoked bacon rashers, short cut rashers, bacon steaks, speck, flavoured bacon steaks

Pate and Terrine
Duck pate, chicken pate, smoked trout pate, smoked  salmon pate, chicken & pistachio terrine, veal terrine, confit duck terrine, rabbit terrine

 Our own chutneys, jams, dukkahs, dipping sauces and take home frozen meals are also available along with a full range of deli items including crackers, cheeses, nuts, honey, salad dressings, fruit pastes, tapenades, mustards, olive oils, olives, chocolates, candy, dessert sauces and biscuits.

Majors Lane Wines are also available for purchase.

Thermabags and ice are available to keep your purchases cool whilst you discover the Hunter Valley.

Inquiries: (02) 49307832

Lovedale Smokehouse Cafe

Open for Lunch Thursday to Monday 12pm-3pm

Create your own share style lunch of salami, smoked sausages, cured meats, terrine, pate, breads, salads and hand made chutneys and relishes and sit back and relax in our courtyard or our air conditioned dining room with a glass of vino and enjoy the best lunch the Hunter Valley has to offer! 
Choose from over 40 items! 

Lovedale Smokehouse Cafe Lunch Menu

For groups of more than ten guests 
try our Set Lunch Menu for just $22.50 per person. 
24 hours notice required.

Reservations: (02) 49307832

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